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Status Update

This is a status update on our new site as of July 14, 2019.

Latest Progress

July 15, 2019, 8:15 P.M. PDT: I continue to work on fixing bugs and adding features. Some of the latest developments:

  • It took about 10 hours, but I finally fixed a truly gnarly issue that occurred only under a highly unusual combination of circumstances, but when those circumstances arose, even though the shopping cart showed the correct price, incorrect prices for certain individual items (and the order as a whole) were being passed to FastSpring.
  • There were several related bugs involving the Library page, such as missing titles, incorrect version numbers, and offers to sell you an upgrade to a version you already have. I believed I’ve solved all those issues now.
  • The Library should also now show books correctly for members of our Apple Employee, Apple Consultants Network, and MUG leader programs.
  • Both the Check for Updates pages and the Library page should now display links to purchase crossgrades (related titles available at a discount) where appropriate.
  • I added a bunch of code that performs account management tasks (including merging accounts), although some of it is not yet publicly accessible.
  • I’ve made considerable progress on our new email system.
  • Work on layout, spacing, and other presentation issues is making baby steps in the right direction.

I still have much to do, however, and am working through things as fast as I can.

Things We’re Working On

Please note that, in addition to what’s on this list, we have many behind-the-scenes issues to deal with, so progress on the items listed here may not occur at the speed (or in the order) one might expect. Please contact us if you have a problem with an order or with accessing your purchases, or if you encounter a major issue not shown here. However, the vast majority of issues will disappear on their own as we work our way through our internal checklists. If your issue is not urgent, please consider waiting a few days and checking again to see if it has been resolved before contacting us.

Missing or Partially Implemented Features

Here is a partial list of things that worked correctly on our old site but have not yet been fully implemented on this site:

  • Check for updates: The Check for Updates pages (which appear when you click the Ebook Extras link in a book) don’t yet show per-book blog posts, update plans, or the option to register Take Control books purchased from other sites.
  • Customer accounts: The Account details tab lets you view the list of all email addresses associated with your account, but does not yet let you add a secondary email address, change which address is primary, or merge accounts. While we’re working on all of that, if you need to change this information, please contact us and we’ll be glad to change it manually.
  • Bundles: Bundled products (two or more books offered together at a discounted price) are not yet generally available, although there are a couple of exceptions.
  • Affiliate program: Previously, eSellerate handled Take Control’s affiliate program. With the closing of that service, we’re moving to a new affiliate platform, but it isn’t up and running yet.
  • Class copies: The Class Copies page is currently just a placeholder, and does not permit you to place orders for discounted class copies. If you need class copies immediately, please contact us for assistance.
  • Apple Employees and Apple Consultants Network programs: The automated sign-up forms for these two programs are not yet functional, but if you follow a link to one of those pages, you’ll see instructions for signing up manually.
  • Email from us: We have totally replaced our system for sending email (for example, notices of new or updated books), and some major features haven’t been implemented yet. In addition, there could be formatting anomalies in some email messages you receive from us.

Known Bugs

Besides the not-fully-implemented features above, we have a number of bugs we’re working through. Here is an incomplete list:

  • Although existing user credentials work for most people, some users are unable to log in with the username and password they used on our old site. If this happens to you, the quickest and easiest remedy is to use our password reset form—and it’s fine to reset your password to the same one you were using before, if you like.
  • The visual layout of the site (fonts, sizes, spacing, etc.) is not yet final. In particular, we’re still working to improve the layout for mobile devices with certain combinations of screen size and orientation.
  • The site has not yet been optimized for fast performance, though it’s getting better. Some pages still load more slowly than they should.
  • Downloading PDFs to mobile devices might fail in certain situations because the site is trying to send a standalone file rather than displaying it directly in your browser. If you encounter this problem, try downloading the EPUB format instead until we get it fixed.

Future Features

Our intention is not merely to replicate the features of our old site on our new site, but to add useful capabilities we didn’t have before. Here are some of the things we’re working on for the future that were either impossible or impractical on our old site:

  • Library enhancements: We’d like to enable you to sort your books by criteria other than title (for example, category or date released). We’ve also heard that users with many books would like a way to hide older books from the Library tab of their account page. We’ll see what we can do.
  • Upgrade everything at once: If you’ve bought numerous books from us over the years and want to upgrade all of them to the latest versions, you should be able to do so in a single step.
  • Take Control Prime: Instead of waiting for a sale, wouldn’t it be nice if you could purchase our books at a huge discount any day of the year? We think so too.
  • Print books: We hope to once again offer paperback versions of some of our books in the future, but it’s a multi-step process that will take some time to implement.
  • Better gift purchases: Although you can buy an ebook and send it to a friend today, it’s not terribly convenient for either you or your friend. We’d like to make it much easier to buy our books as gifts.